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Hi, My names James and welcome to the Millennial Motivation Podcast, the podcast that inspires and motivates Millennials all over the world to take action each day towards their dreams,create success and wealth through the power of their success habits and routines. 

So where did this all start?

After the death of my Nan and Auntie suddenly from Cancer at the start of 2018 and the sale of his first property I had brought with my ex partner only to kick her own 2 weeks later due to seeing another guy, I quickly spirally out of control. 

I spiralled into a depression, with a strong anger towards life, anxiety and a numbness that left him physically unable to leave the house for 2 weeks cutting the outside world off. I felt let down by life and knowing had this had all affected his family. 

My confidence was shattered, self belief broken and just a shell of my former self. Everything that had I had experienced I thought I had under control only for it to build up on me and hit me like a brick wall.  

The Turning Point...

After reading the book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People' I practised how I want to be remembered at his eulogy (a little morbid I know). I then realised how I wanted to be remember, did not reflect how I was actually feeling right now. So, I set about revolutionising how I wanted to be remembered through the power of changing my habits and routines making a promise to myself that everyday, I would work and live my dreams while helping other Millennials do the same!

That is enough about me, it is time to hear about your dream! What is holding YOU back and keeping you stuck. 

Are you tired of settling for the average life? Working towards in a job with no purpose? Involved in the same habits and routine daily? If so, I want to speak to you!